Terms & Conditions


This contract entered here relates to the short term hire of a La Bella Casa - Bali Villas (hereafter referred to as “The Villa” or “The Property”), and is between La Bella Casa - Bali Villas Management (hereinafter referred to as “The Villa Management” or “we”), and the primary holidaymaker (the person whose name under the booking is made), (hereinafter referred to as "The Hirer" or “you”). This contract is effective on written confirmation by The Villa Management of the receipt of the necessary accommodation payment by The Hirer, for the specified rental period as confirmed by The Villa Management.


1.1 Reservation Enquiry
On receiving your reservation enquiry, we will check availability of the villa for your requested dates.
If The Villa is available, we will provide you with:

1. confirmation of the villa availability,
2. details of the prevailing rates,
3. the Total Rental amount,
4. bank account and paypal account (Including paypal fee) details for the full amount for payment by you


If The Villa is not available, we will endeavor to get back to you with alternative dates which match your needs as closely as possible or an alternative property that is available. Please note that due to high demand, our villas are usually booked well in advance. However, we will still try and accommodate your requirements as closely as possible.


1.2 Tentative Reservation
If the Villa is available, we will also make a ‘Tentative Reservation’ under your name, for the specified period.
The Tentative Reservation in your name will be kept active for a period of 7 days, awaiting your confirmation instructions and payment of the full amount.
Please note that all payments must be made to the account specified by The Villa Management in AUD Dollars or paypal. The final amount received by The Villa Management must be net of any banking, transfer, foreign exchange charges and the like, which must be borne by The Hirer.
Until the specified confirmation amount is received, The Villa Management, at its own discretion, may review the status of any “Tentative Reservation”.
If The Villa is not available, we will wait for you to review our proposed alternative dates, and for you to request us to make a Tentative Reservation.


1.3 Reservation Confirmation
On receipt of the full amount at the specified bank account or by paypal, we will upgrade your Tentative reservation, into a Confirmed Reservation.
At this point, we will provide you with, (in writing):

1. Confirmation of your reservation
2. Confirmation of receipt of your full amount



1.4 Cancellation / No-Show
Cancellation up to 60 days refunded less one night’s accommodation.
Cancellation between 30 - 60 days, 50% of the full accommodation charge will be forfeited.
Less than 30 days cancellation, no refund given.


1.5 Late Show
As part of our customer service focus, we will always endeavor, at The Villa Management’s discretion, to accommodate minor shifts to your plans.
If possible, we will try and shift your reservation dates by a day or two, so you don’t lose from your holiday time. However, please note that due to the popularity of our villas this may not always be possible, and this flexibility is provided as a goodwill gesture purely at the discretion of The Villa Management.


1.6 Check in/out times
Check in Time 14:00 & Check out time 12:00 hrs.


1.7 Airport Transfers
Are not included in rates but can be arranged. You pay the nominated fee directly to the driver for his fee which is IDR 150,000 one way for standard size vehicle.


1.8 Credit Card Security
At check in, you are required to complete a credit card security form. Your authority is required to allow us to debit your credit card for any outstanding payments due after departure related to outstanding money owing, damage or loss to the villa whilst in occupancy due to your occupancy for the duration of your booking.

You will be required to complete this credit card authority and hand to our Villa Manager at check in. Your credit card will not be deducted if payment is settled prior to check out.



2.1 Meeting Local Laws and Regulations
It is a requirement of the Indonesian government, that all foreign guests arriving in hotels and villas are formally registered.
At check in, our staff will be more than happy to remove this burden from you by completing the registration process on your behalf.
To this end, please ensure that all guests in your party arrive at the villa with a copy of the photo page of their passports which they have used to enter Indonesia. This way, we will not need to take your passports away for photocopying.


2.2 Settlement of Incidental Costs
As per our extensive service offering, our Villa Staff will be more than happy to do your daily food/grocery shopping, book local attractions/transport, provide postal service, arrange for SPA services, etc.
If you want to make use of this free service, please provide the Villa Manager with an appropriate level of cash kitty, (please no more than US$ 100 at any given time), and the Villa staff will keep a tally of these additional expenditures made on your behalf, and report back to you regularly.
Please note that we do not charge any service fee in providing this service, and you only pay what has been spent on your behalf, on your request.

  • Where possible our staff will provide you with the actual receipts/bills.
  • However, in some instances, (especially when dealing with small independent vendors), a formal receipt may not always be available.
  • If you are adamant that each and every purchase made on your behalf is matched with a corresponding receipt, please instruct our staff on arrival to shop only at those vendors/suppliers who can provide receipts.

In order to avoid any surprises to you or The Villa management, our staff will provide you with a tally for settlement, as soon as your running account reaches its prepaid limit, or at least once a week, and certainly when you check-out.


2.3 Limitations of Services
Whilst Indonesians, and specifically Balinese are incredibly welcoming and naturally very helpful people, please refrain from making any requests from The Villa Staff which may be deemed to be against the local customs, laws and regulations.
Similarly, if you have any specific medical, nutritional or personal care conditions/requirements, please make these known to us at the Reservation Enquiry stage, and we will confirm if we are able to cater for these or not, and avoid any disappointment.


2.4 Limitation of Shopping Services
Villa staff will do their utmost to look after your every reasonable need during your stay, and are very happy to run errands and shopping trips on your behalf, these services are provided in good will by the Villa Management.
We seek your cooperation in avoiding using these services to purchase items for commercial/export purposes, and/or to buy large/bulky items such as furniture and the like.
However, our staff will be more than happy to point you in the right direction, in terms of best suppliers, or shopping services to use for your larger or higher cost purchase requirements.
Similarly, if you have some very specific shopping requirements (such as a certain type of medicine, or very specific nutritional requirements), please ensure that you purchase these items, as our staff are not liable for any damage/loss caused by any third party groceries/items purchased on your behalf.


2.5 Insurance
We strongly recommend that as with any other international travel, you take out full and comprehensive travel insurance for everyone traveling in your party, before your journey to Bali.
Please note that The Villa Management and Staff are not responsible for any damages/loss caused to persons or property of The Hirer and their Party during their stay at The Villa, including (but not limited to) illness, injury, death, loss of valuables, etc) caused by incidents, including (but not limited to) cancellations, acts of nature, floods, fire, acts of third parties, civil disturbances, failure of machinery/equipments, acts of government, acts of God etc..
Nor will The Villa Management, Staff, or/its Agents/Vendors be held responsible for any damages/loss caused by Hirer or their Party, including (but not limited to) any individual, estate, the local community, the island and people of Bali, the Indonesian government, the people and/or estate of the Republic of Indonesia.


2.6 Use of the Villa
As the Hirer you are assured use of The Villa on an exclusive basis, including the staff and services.
Please note that the Villa is located in a peaceful, and residential neighbourhood.
If you plan to hold commercial events, and/or large group events including (but not limited to), weddings, parties, functions, please bring this to the attention of The Villa management, in writing, before Confirmation of Reservation and we can discuss your requirements, and if it is possible for The Villa Management to meet these. Failure to do this, may result in cancellation of The Hirer’s reservation, and forfeiture of the full Rental fees.
If The Villa Management or its Staff or its Security personnel feel that there is a serious risk of damage to The Villa or its surrounds/neighbours, from improper use of the property, The Management and/or its representatives reserve the right to repossess the property.


2.7 Damage or Losses
Whilst The Villa Staff will attend to daily cleaning and regular maintenance of The Villa, The Hirer agrees to be personally responsible for ensuring that the property is left in good order and condition.
Any damages or loss, caused to The Villa and/or any of its contents, and/or the Staff by The Hirer, or their Party, or their Guests remains the responsibility of The Hirer, and the resulting costs must be settled as and when the damages are identified, and in all cases prior to the departure of The Hirer and/or their Party from the villa.


2.8 Complaints
If there is a cause for complaint by the Hirer, these should be brought to the attention of The Villa Staff and/or The Villa Management as soon as possible, and no later than prior to the check-out/departure.
The Villa Staff are properly trained, and empowered, to resolve most possible complaints. If the complaint is not properly resolved by the Villa Staff, or (in the unlikely event) has arisen as a result The Villa Staff, these complaints should be directed immediately to The Villa Management.
The Villa Management or The Villa Staff are not able to resolve complaints submitted by The Hirer after their departure from The Villa.


3.1 Limitation of Liability

The liability of The Villa Management and/or The Villa Staff is strictly limited to the monies paid by The Hirer as Rental Fees for that specific reservation period, or any portion of the fees there-off.


3. 2 Governance
This contract shall be deemed to be a contract made in Indonesia, and shall be subject to and governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Indonesia.


3.3 Entire Agreement
This contract, constitutes the entire agreement between the two parties, and there are no representations, understandings or agreements relative hereto which are not fully expressed herein.


Signing of the Guest Reservation form confirms your receipt, and agreement of these Terms and Conditions.